What We’re Looking Over This Week. Get TalkPoverty In Your Inbox

What We’re Looking Over This Week. Get TalkPoverty In Your Inbox

Thank you for visiting the installment that is second of We’re looking over this Week, where we share 5 must-read articles about poverty in America that grapple with critical problems, inspire us to action, challenge us, and push us to see both dilemmas and solutions from brand brand new angles.

Listed here are our top picks this week:

Having to pay workers to remain, perhaps Not get, by Steven Greenhouse & Stephanie Strom (nyc occasions)

“If we actually desired our individuals to worry about our tradition and value our clients, we needed showing that people cared about them,” Mr. Pepper said. “If we’re dealing with building a small business that is successful, but our workers can’t go back home and spend their bills, for me that success is really a farce.”

We’ve heard the try to avoid conservative pundits and musty Intro Economics textbooks: raising the wage that is minimum cause extensive task loss and harm the economy general. Used, nevertheless, we frequently start to see the precise outcome that is opposite. In reality, states that raised their minimal wages this present year saw greater quantities of task development. Just how can this be? Greenhouse and Strom reveal exactly how companies whom spend greater than the minimum wage actually benefit. Especially, the content examines junk food chains like Boloco and Shake Shack, that provide employees competitive wage and advantage packages and yield good comes back like reduced return and customer service that is enhanced.

I Clean High School Bathrooms, and My New $15/Hour Salary can change every thing, By Raul Meza (Washington Post)

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