Lauren Southern: How Exactly To Red Pill Feamales In Your Daily Life

Lauren Southern: How Exactly To Red Pill Feamales In Your Daily Life

Lauren Southern, for anyone who don’t understand, is a favorite YouTube character, writer, and presenter that earnestly fights contemporary feminism.

…and, you can tell by her name, she’s a girl as i’m sure. How does this matter? Well, since when a guy talks out against contemporary feminism, he’s a loser. A virgin. A creep. A weirdo. He lives inside the Mom’s cellar.

Nevertheless when a lady speaks out contrary to the perils of university campus feminism, that basically pisses from the Left…because individuals begin to concern their presumptions.

I’ve been getting plenty of concerns on how best to pill that is red, and whether it’s your gf, your spouse, or your loved ones people, Lauren Southern is a phenomenal starting point.

How exactly to Save Yourself Western Civilization

I had written a write-up on saving Western Civilization a week ago, and suggest that you see clearly. The gist that is basic that as opposed to manosphere belief, the West is completely salvageable. Clearly it won’t be effortless, however it’s entirely doable.

My want to save your self Western Civilization is very easy, really. Improve yourself, musical organization along with like-minded individuals, and influence the entire world. That’s it. That’s all of that’s required.

One important element of this, but, is pilling WOMEN that is red. (Pokračování textu…)