All you need to learn about post-sex anxiety

All you need to learn about post-sex anxiety

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More or less four moments after a climax, in a blissful haze that is post-sex my head started initially to wonder.

We remembered the way I hadn’t seen a cat that everyday lives on our street, Bernie, for some time.

Imagine if he’d been struck by a car or truck? Let’s say he had been dead?

Wait. I experiencedn’t heard from my buddy for some time either. Was he dead? My buddies, my loved ones, every person at your workplace – were each of them simply dead?

Quickly I became hyperventilating into my boyfriend’s chest.

That’s when we noticed a pattern.

Crying after intercourse is not uncommon for me personally. Neither is really a feeling that is sudden of panic and dread.

We have anxiety, despair, and obsessive thoughts, disco reviews so abruptly stressing that everybody i enjoy is dead is fairly standard – but I’d pointed out that these ideas were showing up with greater regularity just after intercourse.

Allow me to be clear. I’m speaing frankly about good intercourse. Great sex, really. Absolutely absolutely absolutely Nothing terrible or upsetting in any way.

I’d heard about post-sex blues, but never ever post-sex anxiety. I needed to learn if I became alone in this trend, whether there’s actually a hyperlink, or if my post-sex anxiety is clearly hiding deep-rooted upheaval linked to sex – and so I chatted up to a psychologist to learn. (Pokračování textu…)