Why is the Google AdSense integration with the design is so important?

Why is the Google AdSense integration with the design is so important?

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SPP – Successful Product Promoting

Let’s say that you have already chosen an affiliate program, design and content for your site. But how to promote successfully your product through your site’s content so the visitors would trust and like the product?

It’s all a matter of few marketing tricks, which I’ll share with you… I’ll take for example a weight loss product. The product does a specific job. What? Always ask yourself this question. If you’re searching for weight loss pills – why do you search for them? Definitely it’s not only for weight loss. Search for the psychological factor . This is what I’m talking for – “with weight loss 3000 you’ll loose weight and feel prettier, sexier and more confident.”

Take action. No matter the good quality of your content, summon the visitor to take action! In other words to buy the product now. “Start feeling better today!”

Do not buy, Invest. Very simple and important for success. Never say the word “buy”. Use words like “invest” “investment” “deposit”.

Let’s say that you have a site with a good number of visitors, nice content to read and recommend. Also that you have Google AdSense, but you don’t earn enough form it. Why is this happening and how do you avoid it?

Positioning is very important. You have the right for three advertising fields and three link fields on every single page (plus a search box). This is a good amount for you to position targeting them for bigger payout. Always put an advertising field on the top of your site’s content, next to it, on the side panels or at the bottom. (Pokračování textu…)