Top 9 Yoga Positions to enhance Your Efficiency in Bed

Top 9 Yoga Positions to enhance Your Efficiency in Bed

The union of brain, human body and nature may be the aim of each and every enlightened yogini who walks our planet. In reality, the expressed word“yoga“ means „union“ in Sanskrit. Practicing yogis are typical concerning the movement since it keeps them focused as well as in the moment—they are versatile, in tune and confident within their figures. They love the yoga synthesis, so we like it too—because with regards to this movement, the term „union“ has a lot more than one meaning (wink wink).

That is right: we are dealing with yoga to increase your performance within the room. Aka “ pre-freak movement.“ Aka „OH YES yoga. “ prepare for some classes to rock your globe.

1. Sun Salutations

-Start standing together with your foot near together, then fold forward through the sides. -Take a breath in and straighten the back up to a standing half fold. -Breathe out and fold ahead, permitting both hands touch the floor. -Hold for just one round of breathing and then arrive at a standing place, stacking your vertebrae one at any given time.

Why this can help in the bed room: Because standing in a bend that is forward concentration and energy, Sun Salutations work with your patience and endurance, assisting with uncomfortable intimate roles.

2. Eagle Pose

-Start standing. Bend your knees. (Pokračování textu…)